Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder is a compassionate and informative guide to understanding this profoundly unsettling-and widely misunderstood-mental illness. Rather than viewing people with BPD as manipulative opponents in a bitter struggle, or pitying them as emotional invalids, Valerie Porr cites cutting-edge science to show that BPD is a true neurobiological disorder and not, as many come to believe, a character flaw or the result of bad parenting. Porr then clearly and accessibly explains what BPD is, which therapies have proven effective, and how to rise above the weighty stigma associated with the disorder. Offering families and loved ones supportive guidance that both acknowledges the difficulties they face and shows how they can be overcome, Porr teaches empirically-supported and effective coping behaviors and interpersonal skills, such as new ways of talking about emotions, how to be aware of nonverbal communication, and validating difficult experiences. These skills are derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mentalization-based Therapy, two evidence-based treatments that have proven highly successful in reducing family conflict while increasing trust. Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder is an empowering and hopeful resource for those who wish to gain better understanding of the BPD experience-and to make use of these insights in day-to-day family interactions. Winner of the ABCT Self Help Book Seal of Merit Award 2011

What People Say About Valerie Porr's Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder: A Family Guide for Healing and Change

"Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder by Valerie Porr is like water for a parched land. Few psychiatric disorders are as misunderstood as borderline personality disorder, a condition that can be profoundly disabling to patients and devastating to families. Opinions about what families should do are plentiful, but evidence-based guidance, derived from solid research, is rare. This is what this book delivers. It is an invaluable roadmap for families of patients with BPD." 
--John Oldham, Chief of Staff, The Menninger Clinic 

"Valerie Porr has championed the cause of people with borderline personality disorder for decades. Her understanding of the disorder and its effects on the individuals themselves and their families, partners, and friends is outstanding. This readable and informative book distils her years of experience and her first hand knowledge of how to help patients and families, providing the practical wisdom that comes only with a genuine understanding of what it is to be 'borderline'. This is required reading for anyone, from novice to expert, who seeks an understanding of borderline personality disorder and who wants practical guidance on what helps." 
--Anthony Bateman, Developer: Mentalization based Therapy Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Barnet, Enfield, and Haringey Mental Health

"She ably explains neuroscience as it applies here and emphasizes understanding, validation, and acceptance (not unconditional love)... An outstanding model of the psychoeducational approach, this volume bridges a daunting gap between laity and psychotherapists. Highly recommended for professionals as well as families of these patients." --Library Journal

"Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder is a breath of fresh air among many books for loved ones of people with BPD. Filled with up-to-the-minute neurobiological and therapeutic research, Ms. Porr has delivered an intelligent, compassionate and insightful book. Filled with useful skills from evidence-based and time-proven therapies, such as DBT and Mentalization-based therapy, this book is a must-read for family members struggling with this often confusing and frustrating disorder. Unlike several books on this subject, this book fuels compassion, rather than anger and resentment. Thoughtfully written and full of insights found nowhere else, I highly recommend Ms. Porr's book. Just the reviewers alone (on the back of the book and with in the preface) - including Anthony Bateman (a co-developer of MBT), Larry Siever (one of the most respected researchers of the disorder), Linda Dimeff (a top DBT researcher and clinician) and John Oldham (President-Elect of the American College of Psychiatrists) - should signal that this book is well-researched and not of the garden-variety "self-help" ilk. Thank you Ms. Porr for such an excellent work". Family member

"This book described my life at home with startling accuracy. It explained dynamics I had not connected with the disorder beforehand, and offered explanations of why our family was having these experiences, as well as suggestions for improving interactions. I am grateful it was the first book I picked up on my quest to understanding the impact of BPD on my family and on me".  Family member