DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Research findings show that one out of three perpetrators of Domestic Violence meet criteria for BPD. We know of no treatment program that uses effective methods for treating BPD applied to perpetrators of Domestic Violence despite the billions of dollars budgeted for this major public health problem.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Recent findings at Yale University indicate that approximately 65% of young adult substance abusers are comorbid with BPD. We know of no treatment program that specifically treats Substance Abusers suffering with BPD.

IMPULSIVE AGGRESSION: Males with BPD who exhibit symptoms of BPD, particularly impulsive aggression, are generally incarcerated. This forensic population presents major problems to administrators who lack the trained staff to cope with the impulsive aggression characteristic of this prison population. Treatment that would decrease recidivism including skills training is generally not available.

ROAD RAGE, STALKING, GAMBLING, ADDICTIONS: Studies indicate that large numbers of people in these populations meet criteria for BPD. Refer to Eric Hollander, MD (Gambling), J. Reid Meloi, PhD (Stalking) etc.