• Are you a parent? A sibling? 
    A spouse? A partner? 

  • Are you struggling to cope with someone with BPD? 

  • Are you coping all alone? 

  • Are you in a crisis?

  • Are you doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?

About the Workshop

  • Learn new coping skills based on DBT and Mentalization, two evidence based treatments for BPD.

  • Learn how to validate your loved one's emotional responses.

earn new methods of communicating with your loved one.

Learn coping skills based on DBT. 

Learn to understand the pain the person you love lives with. 

Minimize stressful interactions. Decrease frequency of eruptions.

Share problems with others in a confidential setting. 

Role play problem solving techniques.

TARA's workshop will help you understand BPD, will improve trust and communication with your loved one. Learn how to repair relationships. Reframe BPD behaviors so that you will be able to change your anger to compassion.