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Review in Visions Journal Review #2 


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 Personal Experiences with BPD BPD Issue of Visions Journal , British Columbia MHA

Visions Journal explores BPD.  In this issue of Visions, you will find stories of compassion, courage and hope from people who have been affected by BPD. You can learn more about the disorder and what it looks like, and you can explore different treatment options and resources. 


A Classic Case  of BPD

Lynn Williams describes her experiences with BPD


When Passion is the Enemy

 People with borderline personality disorder endure emotional extremes that can rip apart their lives. Recent studies reveal that their behavior stems from an unusual sensitivity to subtle facial expressions and extreme difficulty controlling their emotions.

Scientific American Mind


WNYC Radio Rookies speaks to a teen with possible BPDinterview 

Over the years Tim has fought, sometimes physically, with his family and struggled to become who he wants to be.  He's been diagnosed with everything from ADD, ADHD, PTSD, depression, to bipolar disorder.  But he doesn't think any of those labels fit him. In fact, Tim's not sure he's mentally ill at all.  And if he is, he's not sure he wants to know about it.


Chronicle of Crisis: BPD in a Spouse Jewish Press June 7, 2011  


interviews with Valerie Porr

An Emotional Hair Trigger, Often Misread  

by Jane Brody NY Times 6/09 


Personality Interrupted    

The Village Voice interviews Valerie Porr  


BPD-is one of the most misunderstood disorders. Clinicians observe that sufferers seem to consistently process what other people do and say in a skewed, self-referential way. They then take their faulty perception as fact, and act on what they think is reality.


The Ultimate Outsiders"   Newsday talks about BPD with Valerie Porr


From Anger to Compassion: An interview with Valerie Porr

Vancouver Mental Helth ssociation issue on BPD

Valerie Porr understands pain. Porr has directed her energy toward increasing awareness of BPD, and promoting healing and change among those affected by it.  


BPD in the Los Angeles Time Sept 2009
Borderline personality disorder was center stage in May at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Assn. -- with multiple sessions and speakers devoted to the topic. And the message from the meeting was clear: After years during which they threw up their hands, leaders in psychiatry now want to convey a more positive message about the condition and what can be done to help those who have it.


The Infinite Mind on NPR, we

learn about the symptoms of BPD,

why it is so frustrating to treat,

and about  a new form of therapy that has been proven effective.

With Marsha Linehan and

Valerie Porr . Order CD of show



People with BPD, Suffering in the Shadows 2002

by Valerie Porr  NYC City Voices